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Since 1984, Homan & Homan has been a leader in heating and cooling services for Huntington, Oyster Bay, & Nassau County, NY. Our success stems from our commitment to punctual appointments and flat rate pricing, as well as to our always having the right equipment the first time around. From heating repair to air conditioning repair, we strive to make our customers feel comfortable by guaranteeing professional service from all of our technicians. Everyone on our team is drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained. Subsequently, when you get a visit from Homan & Homan, you know you are getting someone you can trust in your home. 

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair for Nassau County, NY

Our History

Professionals from Homan & Homan working on the air conditioner
In the early 80's Stephen Homan, a Huntington resident and deli owner, was forced to fix his own refrigeration equipment. He was shocked to learn how simple it was to fix the problem he had and started to help his friends (who were also deli owners) fix their equipment as well. Steve went as far as replacing the rooftop heating unit on a friend's deli and installed a central air conditioning system in his own home. 

By the mid 80's most major supermarkets were just opening deli counters and the local mom and pop deli's like Steve's started to lose business. 
At the same time the housing market was booming and Steve decided to get out of the deli business and opened the doors to Homan & Homan Air Conditioning & Heating Corp. In the beginning Steve worked mostly for general contractors. Later on he also worked for home owners and just by "word of mouth" he had the privilege of providing Heating and Cooling solutions to over 3,500 families across Nassau and Suffolk County.

In 2003 Steve moved "Homan & Homan" out of his home and into a 2400 sq. foot office space in Farmingdale. Being surrounded 7 HVAC supply houses and distributors (all within 1/2 mile of the shop) Homan & Homan was now perfectly located to better service its clients. 

In 2004, Steve's "Nephew-in-law" (Steve's lead installer) Joseph became the sole owner of Homan and Homan. 

Times have changed but the focus of the business remains the same....Establish long lasting relationships with everyone we meet.

Meet the Owner

Homan & Homan professional at the repair site
My name is Joseph Ferland the owner of Homan and Homan and below is a little information about who I am and how I run my family business.
In short I am; a husband, a father to 3 children, a god father to another 3, an uncle to many nieces and nephews, a son, a brother, a homeowner, a neighbor and a friend. 
I served in the United States Marin Corp Reserves from 1996 to 2003. In that time I was promoted meritoriously to both the ranks of Lance Corporal and Corporal. I achieved the rank of Sergeant in only 5 years.  
In 2003 my reserve unit in Amityville was activated and I along with 159 other marines were deployed to IRAQ in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". I consider myself privileged to have served with the bravest of marines who drove convoys carrying troops and equipment into Iraq from Kuwait establishing the bases that became the staging points for future movements. I served on numerous security details providing protection for delegates and religious leaders. My detachment executed numerous "Battle Damage Assessment" missions where i saw firsthand the realities of what people's lives are turned into after their world has been destroyed. 
I returned home from my deployment with a drive and passion to take on life. In the years that followed my return I had; A military wedding, Bought a house, Bought the family business and Fathered 3 children in 3 consecutive years.  
As the new owner of Homan & Homan Air Conditioning & Heating Corp. I have applied what I learned from working for "Uncle Steve", and while serving in the Marine Corps to running my business. 
Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, and Professionalism are just a few of the character traits that are the backbone of the culture that has been created at Homan & Homan. 

For around-the-clock; Air Conditioning, Furnace, Boiler, or Heat Pump repair, call us at 
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